Kingdom Wars v3.0.1 MOD APK (Money, Unlock All Characters, Max Level)

Fun Tower Defense game. Figure out how to attack the Orc’s tower in the best way. Either beat them, or they will beat you. This is a real-time strategy game that looks simple but takes a lot of thought. Are you ready to put your planning and decision-making skills to the test on the spot? Most tower defense games are fun, but this one is on a whole different level. There’s a fun and addicting tower defense game right in front of you.

Now, get it!

Many castle guardians tried Kingdom Wars for three minutes and are now hooked on it for years. Keep improving the troops and the weapon on the tower. Don’t let the golems, orcs, or giants touch the tower in any way. You have to protect your castle with your fingers. Tell your friends to help you fight! Defend your tower and attack the enemy.

This tower defense game moves quickly. We have a tool that lets you skip ahead. The leader can choose to make a new unit, improve the existing ones, or get more food. You can choose from 6 different boosts. Choose quickly and in real time.

Move your figures through 400 stages and teach them new skills. Meet 100 unique friends and defeat 100 unique enemy units. Use the heroes and epic figures to destroy the castles of the enemy. There is always a way to beat it, no matter how hard it is. Don’t stop trying!

Not every TD game is the same. We give out a lot of coins in our games. Get gems and treasures at each level to move up to the next level.

Now, your brave army is ready and waiting. Come with us and be our leader. Save our Kingdom.

– Over 400 different stages
– Over 200 unique friends and enemy units
– More than 100 allied units have their own unique looks when they use Limit-break.- Find riches in each stage to set off different skillful effects.- Use the 6 types of Booster Items to plan your moves.

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