League of Angels MOD APK v2.0.0 (Unlimited Coins)

Action massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) League of Angels: Chaos aims to bring the RPG experience to mobile devices.
The end of the universe, also known as Ragnarok, has arrived, and along with it comes the tearing apart of the heavens. You, as a champion of the gods, are the realm’s last chance to regain order and return it back to its former glory.
Get started on your path to becoming a mythic figure!
br>[Features of the Game]
br> Call Upon Angels Release Your True Power br>
Call upon the Angels and harness the power of their heavenly guidance!
Each Angel possesses powerful abilities that have the potential to turn the course of the conflict.
Divine Blessings that focus on either offense, defense, or support lend an additional layer of strategy to battle.

〓 3 Legendary Classes ◆ Unique Combat 〓
You can play as either a Dragoon, a Mage, or an Archer, each of which has their own unique sets of skills and play techniques.
Champion of justice who battles to maintain honor and glory of his order, the Dragoon is a member of the Order of the Dragoon. On the battlefield, he is a whirlwind of steel and destruction, wielding massive blades in both hands.
A mage is a master of the elements who possesses command over the fundamental powers at the tip of his fingers. Because he has accumulated knowledge over many years, he is able to cast charms that are extremely harmful to his adversaries.
The deadly markswoman who never mistakes her target is known as the Archer. Her mastery of the bow is unparalleled even by the gods themselves due to the fact that she was trained by ancient elf archers.
Plus more classes coming in upcoming updates!

Cross-Server Conquest Alliance Warfare br> br>Join formidable Alliances, engage in combat on Cross-Server Battlegrounds, and do your part to bring honor to your server by taking part in coordinated Raids.br>Participate in a highly immersive combat experience by engaging in spectacular conflicts either on your own or with your allies.

〓 Forge Equipment ◆ Become A Champion 〓
Acquire all sorts of equipment, including complete sets of equipment and divine weaponry; Develop your skills and you will rise to prominence!
Construct Legendary Equipment, improve your Set Attributes, and bolster your strength so that you can dominate the battlefield!
Charge into combat atop legendary mounts while wearing glowing wings.
br>br>br>br>Free Tradebr>br>In-Depth Planningbr>b
At the Auction House, you can make as many deals as your heart desires! Discover the ideal piece of gear, or make a killing on the market!
To gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, organize the management of your resources with great care.
br> Loot, Loot, and More Loot Auto Progression br> br> You will get valuable treasure from every boss, instance, and raid you defeat.
With the auto setting, you won’t have to lift a finger to farm! You can still make advances even if you are unable to use your phone.


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