Life in Adventure Mod APK 1.1.51 (Unlimited money)

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game description
“Life in Adventure” is a text-based game made by the same person who made “Life is a Game.”You became an adventurer in a magical world like D&D. You met different things and have to decide what to do.

The things that will happen to you and the choices you can make depend on a lot of things, such as your skills, items, investments, and past decisions.

Can you reach the goals you set at the beginning of your journey?Or will you just be an average adventurer at the end of your life?
Everything rests on what you do and how lucky you are. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Battle Systembr>Keep your tools and kill anyone who gets in your way.

★ Pixel art
Emotional pixel art shows a range of scenarios.

★ Various epilogues
How things end depends on what you do. Check out the different endings.

★ Rank System
Leave a score for your play, and then compare the scores.

★ Diagram system
Gather different endings, monsters, and items.

strong>Content is being made./strong>There are more exciting goals
We're working on adding fun goals (main scenarios).Characteristics br>There will be different things added to help with the trip.

☆ Challenge task System
Tasks will be added to give your journey a small goal.

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