Live or Die MOD APK v0.3.478b (Unlimited Gold, Free Craft)

Live or Die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games is a zombie and item-based survival game set after the end of the world. It has parts of RPGs, survival games, shooting games, and action games. The zombie apocalypse began on the last day on earth. Explore the open world and try to stay alive. Build and improve your shelter, build a defense for your base, build a motorbike, collect resources, make things, finish the zombie apocalypse quest, kill mutants, and you’ll be left to survive. Follow the rules of survie and try to stay alive in this action game set after the end of the world.

More than 100 things can be found in the Live or Die Zombie Survival Games.Quests for apocalypse survivors include exploring shelters and attacking other survivors.

Rules for surviving in Live or Die: Use an ax, pickaxe, or other tools to gather materials.

Resources are close to cover, in a chest found nearby, or in the dead. Wood and stone are great building materials, so gather them. As you explore the open world, you can also find tools, guns, and other important items.Try finding and growing your own food.Don’t starve yourself to live. Start looking. Grow healthy food by planting your own veggies.Make tools, guns, and armor to help you stay alive.Our game of “survive” is random, so the person who is being hunted can always become the hunter. Make powerful weapons like the AK-47, M4, SVD, Revolver, UZI, Glock, etc., and always be ready to live!

🏗 Build and improve shelter

Pay attention to how your home is doing. This will help you stay alive in an open world game with lots of zombies. Make your home safe enough to live in. In zombie game, the way you build doesn’t limit you.

In our shooting game, you can make your survivor better.

Find, improve, and survival craft weapons and improve your state of survival to make it easier for you to stay alive. You can find things in the dead.

🛡 Zombie defense: defend home or base defense

You’ll have to grow and fight for your life even harder because this is a third-person survival game like Dayz with role-playing features. There are now zombies with the survivors, and they want to attack your building. There’s nowhere to go, so get ready to shoot and defend your home.Explore the open>br>br>br>You can make a motorbike in our shooting games, which is a feature. Planes crashing, military sites, bunkers, other survivors, shelters that have been left empty, and mutants. There were a lot of lost things left behind after the last day on earth. You can find resources and upgrades for your house and motorbike as you travel around the open world.
Learn the stories of life after the end of the world.

The world was turned into a never-ending desert by a disaster nobody knows about. A few days after the end of the world, those of us who are still alive are looking for safety and other survivors to join. The goal of our zombie games is to find out what really happened and how to stop zombies from taking over the world.

If you follow all the rules for living, you might be able to see life after the end of the world…
We know how hard it can be to find time to play offline sometimes. You can play our games without Wi-Fi or the internet.

⏲️ Our adventure game will soon have:
⭐ Pets
Free PvP for multiplayer games with friends.Large towns so that players can talk to each other during shooting games;Clan bases: Build a base with your friends and fight other clans, left over from the last day on earth.The game will become a multiplayer zombie game with PvE quests, and you will be able to live online.MMO boss hunts and mutant hunting with a clanbr>br>We’re ready for you in a Live or Die adventure with zombies and gunplay.

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