Love Story Romance Games v2.0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets)

Games of choice with a lot of stories and no taboos! How did you meet your partner? Choose your story, make choices, and enter the dream zone. The best interactive relationship games, all in one place, will take you on amazing love journeys. Choose your fate: Love Story® has taboo topics, dating games, and decisions about true love.

There are a lot of love stories for everyone. Choice games can be hard, but when it comes to picking your own love dream from our collection, there are no wrong answers. You can start with pure relationship stories like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and MISS EMMA, or you can start with riskier chapters and episodes like those in MAFIA BABY DADDY, THE BILLIONAIRE PROPOSAL, SEDUCING THE CEO, and a lot of other books. Interactive story games are the place where romantic dreams come true.

Is it love or is it a drug? Choose your love story and live it out in many episodes:

You are the main character in your taboo game. All love stories can end in more than one way.There are a lot of stories, so you can enjoy reading for longer.
Love fantasy games with lots of choices give you the freedom you’ve always wanted. Romance stories, exciting trips, and relationships with handsome guys are just some of the things you can do.
* There are always BRAND NEW ROMANCE NOVELS coming out. There’s no need to update, because new love stories and episodes are always being added.

What is it? Try dating and pure romance like you’ve never done before. Start your loving adventures and get ready to be blown away by love choices that will leave you gasping for air. Love Story ®: Interactive Story Games has so many love stories that you won’t be able to put your phone down.

Want to get away from the harsh truth of love by reading about it? Plunge into exciting romance games where your choices affect what happens next. You can feel the power of fate and true love in interactive story games. Choose things that you’d never do in real life.

Assume the role of a talented young artist and accept THE BILLIONAIRE’S PROPOSAL to see how a wealthy man who loves art and beautiful things lives. Time will show if you two can stay away from each other.

With BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE, you’re supposed to keep your family members from getting worried while you act like you’re in a happy relationship. But soon you’ll see that the goal is half work and half fun. You’re the only one who can decide if you’re going to give in to your romantic fantasies or get homesick.

You will go on love journeys in college that you couldn’t have dreamed! You’ll have fun with cute guys and flirt with them. But you’ll also meet the right man and have the chance to become PROFESSOR’S DARLING! Are you willing to break this rule?

Tired of dull love stories? With our love story that has parts where you can do things, you’ll never be bored. You decide what happens in these love games, so think carefully about what you choose. Choose what will happen with your love life and enjoy every minute of your own interactive story games.

Is it love or something else? PICK YOUR STORY and live your dream! And don’t forget that Love Story® games are the best choice games ever.


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