Lovestruck MOD APK v9.6 (Unlimited Tickets/VIP Unlocked)

You can date guys, women, or nonbinary characters in Lovestruck!

In this unique visual romance book game, you can choose your perfect love story and have the love you’ve always wanted. Find a story that moves you and choose who you want to fall in love with out of more than 80 different people.

There are currently the following series:

EDGE CASE: LOVE’S SEARCH: You may have been taught to solve crimes in a cyberpunk world, but how will you do when it comes to love?

MY SIREN CRUSH: Dive under the water and let the merperson of your dreams take your heart away.

The IMMORTAL HEARTS SOCIETY: Will the secrets of the past lead you to a love that will last forever?

EVER AFTER ACADEMY: You are used to juggling books for school, but what will you do when there are fairy tales and kisses that make things happen?

TALES OF THE WILD: If you’re brave enough to answer the call of the wild, you might find your soulmate in a secret world of animal shapeshifters!

WICKED LAWLESS LOVE: On a frontier where monsters and ghouls rule, a criminal has nowhere to go but right into their arms…REIGNING PASSIONS: You’re a bartender one day and a princess the next. Can you find out who you really are and who your heart is meant to love?

SIN WITH ME: The Seven Deadly Sins takes you into a world of danger, joy, and bad behavior. Find the love of your life hiding in the dark.

QUEEN OF THIEVES: Being a poor artist isn’t very lovely, unless you get caught up in a heist by the Gilded Poppy, the most famous thieves in the world.

SWEET MAGIC: When you find a magical cafe and fall in love with a magician, desserts are just the icing on the cake.

HAVENFALL IS FOR LOVERS: Oh my, there are vampires, werewolves, and demons! In this strange and exciting story, you can find your Supernatural Soulmate. The most dangerous and attractive gang in Los Angeles is after you… and your heart, in GANGSTERS IN LOVE. In LOVE & LEGENDS, fate takes you from your normal life into a world of swords and magic. Now you have to tie your fate to one of seven heroes from a magical world.STARSHIP PROMISE: Explore the world and find love in a galaxy far, far away in this exciting space romance!

FATE’S KISS: With just one kiss, the fate of the world will change! The Gods and Monsters of Greek Mythology will make you fall in love with them.

ASTORIA: LOST KISSES: Fall in love with Greek monsters and gods all over again! Your favorite characters are back in a new show that takes place right after Season 1 of Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and features the same characters.

VILLAINOUS NIGHTS: In a world where people have superpowers, you meet a group of powerful Super Villains and learn that even on the darkest nights, love can grow.

CASTAWAY! THE ADVENTURE OF LOVE: When something goes wrong on a pleasure cruise, you end up on a desert island with 5 Sexy Strangers.

TO LOVE & PROTECT: One minute you are an average college student, and the next you are the President of the United States’ secret love child.

TONIGHT: SPEAKEASY: Enjoy the dangerous but glamorous world of a speakeasy, where illegal alcohol, hot jazz, and even hotter romance are on offer.

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