Lucid Dream Adventure MOD APK v1.0.48 (Unlocked/No Ads)

You have arrived at the right destination if you are a fan of hidden object adventures and point-and-click computer>br>A classic point-and-click adventure game, Lucid Dream Adventure is packed with brain-teasing puzzles, wild story twists, and baffling riddles. The narrative is replete with mysterious goings-on and the metaphorical interpretation of dreams. This suspenseful story will take you on a journey through a vibrant universe of your dreams. Are you prepared to embark on an exciting journey through the void that is fate?

Considered for the Pixel Heaven Award as well as the Indie Prize Award br> Four different segments, each packed with a variety of minigames and escape rooms
Riddled with hidden meanings and shady personalities br >a story option that is highly addictive; numerous secrets and artifacts that are concealed; brEach episode has its own soundtrack, which consists of excellent music. br>Controls that are simple to use and are optimized for portable and mobile devices. A variety of tasks that need to be accomplishedbr>Incredible animations and high-definition graphicsbr>

Legendary tale that will remain ingrained in your mind forever:Lucy, a young girl, is the story’s primary protagonist. She is the one who initiates the journey into the terrifying maze that is her nightmare. In order for her to battle for her sick mother, she needs to become an adult. Determine whether or not she will receive a favorable outcome from the karma. This sweeping narrative will take her on a journey through a beautiful vista of foretold events. During the course of her journey, young Lucy will meet a creepy ghost, the king of the fantasy forest, Mr. Moon, a Watchmaker of Light, Mr. Beaver, a creepy psychiatrist named Dr. Frank, and a great deal of other entertaining characters.

Places that have the power to mesmerize you are:

dingy apartment where you have to figure out a peculiar mystery questbr>star roofs with a strange riddle written on them; an abandoned planet with a well of fortune; a cemetery populated by an evil angel; br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>Characters who will talk to you include: the intriguing crow, the ancient Isis, Hypnos, and Tara, and their surreal games, the friendly Mr. Moon and Mr. Beaver, who is currently in his quiet age, and the wicked dream interpreter,>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>brThe Monkey who Lived in the Enchanted Forestbr>br>Riddles that will amuse you:

discover the wilderness of the fantasy forest
smash strong dark souls haunting Lucy’s mom
prepare for a combat with the evil demon
find a scrap of magic glass to repair the mirror portal
fly the kite into the dark night
burn the doll to drown out creepy sounds
discover miracles of ancient Greece and meet God himself
collect magic mushrooms to help flying elephant
fight the storm of the mental horror
use dream catcher to start lucid dreaming

Our mission:

We are a small indie studio, our mission assumes:
always create adventure games with rich narrative background and focus on the story
be independent when you create episode games
create the best games you can
no more worthless girl games and horror games, create the best quality only
story games are our passion
Create games with compelling narratives without making concessionsbr>br>Start up your narrative mode, dive into the surreal world of Lucid Dream, and come to the aid of Lucy the rabbit!

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