Mages Survival Mod APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited money)

“The Wizard King has asked you to clear the Void Zone of the invading Enigma swarm. Learn different magic spells and find valuable magical treasures to follow the Wizard King’s order, and try not to get eaten by the void.”

A 2D action game with pixel art and a “roguelike” or “roguelite” feel, with easy one-hand movement and auto-aiming. Use magic spells to fight off waves of enemies for as long as you can!

Features: • There are 6 different mages to choose from, each with their own elemental skills that will help you out.
• More than 20 spells from which to choose and build.
• You can find more than 80 things to help improve your magic skills.
• Traits: Build traits to help you stay alive and change the way you play.
• Game Modes: There are different ways to play the game, or modes.
• Beautiful pixel art picture.
• Easy to use with one hand and auto-aim.

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