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The Fairy Garden is in the middle of where light and dark meet. Long ago, when she was a little girl, a magical witch loved a human boy. But he turned his back on her and married someone else. She went crazy and ended up in a fairy garden.

Do you wonder what will happen next in the story of this strange garden?

The yard has been ignored for so long that the Devil Dragon has moved in and taken over. As a witch, she had to fight Devil Dragon and fix up the Fairy Garden.

Do you doubt that she can do it?

As the story goes on, self-redemption and health were tied together in the beautiful Garden.

Gather Elves is a feature of Merge Elves.
It’s hard to believe that so many elves hide in this lovely yard. Find out about completely new elves who lived in the Garden. If you take care of them, they will grow through four stages and become trustworthy guards for your garden.
If you hatch Elf Eggs, the Elves will work in your garden and help you gather things.

Pair Things
You can drag and drop things to combine them, make powerful combinations to unlock items that can be upgraded, and store them in your secret Garden.
Find all the broken Meerjungfrauen-Statues in each level and merge them back together to give them new lives.

Everyday Test
Open Chests, get Coins, mix Gems, and finish Recipes to get your Daily Reward.
There are always new jobs waiting for you to answer your challenge.
Do you wonder if you’ll be able to finish these tasks?

Online Friendship Group
You can play the game by yourself, or you can join a group and have fun with everyone!
On Event island, you can talk to anyone you want!

Create Garden house
Evil has taken over the elf’s home in the garden house. Fight against them and heal the land to get the elf’s home back.

Gather elf eggs, let them hatch in the garden house, and use our strength to bring back the beauty of our home.

Get the app now to find out where you can play Merge Elves with your family and friends.

Merge Elves will give you more magical experiences, and you can come with us to the beautiful world of magic.

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