Merge Master v3.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins and Gems)

Can you think quickly enough to join all the dinosaurs, make a “dino squad fusion,” and use it to fight off the enemies?





Your mission is simple: use your strategy to combine the dinosaurs or fighters on your battlefield and fight the enemies. If you want to win this Jurassic dinosaur epic fight simulator, one of the coolest dinosaur games, you must quickly merge your troops and animals.







Merge Master: Dinosaur Fusion is a cool real-time strategy, dinosaur epic battle game like monster legends and merge dragons, for anyone who wants to merge dragons and monsters, join and clash dinosaurs, merge archers, and enjoy the dino bash and win the fight.
The main goal of the game is to use your troops and dinosaurs together to beat all of your enemies. In this Jurassic hunting game, your enemies are dragons, monsters, and shooters, so it won’t be easy to win.
Attack enemy places to take control of them, and have fun with our best wild dinosaur and dragon game.
Quickly move and think. Use your strategy and tactics to win the fight and move on to the next level of the dinosaur rampage.

Fight the final boss after your creatures have merged together like a dinosaur boss! At each step of this task, you’ll find a monster that has been fused with more and more power. Apply your plan in real time and look for the right combination to draw.
What’s the next right move in this game with animals, dinosaurs, and dragons?

When you combine monsters, you can unlock new, stronger dinosaurs.
Only 1% of players are able to unlock all the creatures and win the dino bash task. Will you do it?

When you join and fight with your warriors and dino squad, you can turn them from simple soldiers into great monsters. Use your finger to draw the right mix of monsters to make them evolve.

Remember that your enemies will beat you in the final round fight if you don’t join your monsters as quickly as possible. Are you ready to join and fight in this game about dinosaurs?

Play for nothing. Try to become the king of merging wars and blend games like T-Rex and many others into big monster legends.
This is not one of those old, boring games where you have to merge t-rex or dragons. This is a new, free, and cool game for boys and girls who like dinosaur games and want to think like a dinosaur hunter and combine animals into monster legends.

Here is a list of what your new free fun game has to offer:
Beautiful 3D graphics
When you combined the species together, you could become the strongest and smartest dinosaur.
No cost at all
Playing is fun and gets you hooked.
Easy to handle
For kids and adults who like to play dinosaur games
Girls and boys who like Dino Bash will enjoy this game.
For people who like Jurassic World and Dino Hunter Warriors
This epic fight simulator has a lot of monsters, warriors, and dinosaurs that can join together.

How to become a Dinosaur Fusion master in Merge Master?
Put your troops on the battlefield and gather and combine your shooters to fight.
Combine and battle your troops to get stronger.
In this Jurassic hunting game, you can change into a huge and scary monster.
Think carefully about which way you want to go. In this animal hyper evolution, the other big creatures will kill you if you don’t grow quickly enough.
Quickly grow and fight all your enemies. Be like a dino hunter and join archers or super powerful dino squads.
Be brave and take on the fight of the dinosaurs like a real merge master. In one of the coolest dinosaur games, you can try to be the strongest and scariest monster that will merge and fight to take over the field.

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