Microsoft PowerPoint Mod APK 16.0.16227.20132 (Premium unlocked)

Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation and slides app that you can take with you wherever you go. Make a movie with pictures, charts, and music. Using PowerPoint templates to make your quarterly, yearly, and other reports shine.

With the PowerPoint app, you can use the display tool you already know and love. You can make, change, view, and present slideshows fast and easily from anywhere. Using Presenter Coach, you can give a presentation with ease and improve your delivery.

Present slideshows and quickly get to PowerPoint files that you’ve used recently while you’re on the go. When you use PowerPoint mobile, your presentations will be in sync across all of your devices, so you won’t have to worry about different versions of your files.

Presenter Coach, a new AI tool made to help with public speaking, can teach you how to give talks. With Presenter Coach, you can use a presentation timer to practice giving talks on your own. Presenter When you practice speeches, Coach will give you real-time feedback to help you change your pace, stop saying “umms,” and speak with confidence.

Make a slideshow with presentations that are strong and can be changed to make you stand out. You can show slides and make them from anywhere. PowerPoint presentations can make a difference in how you show and work with other people. With PowerPoint, you can work on ppt or pptx files together, edit them in real time, and change them on the go.

Present Slideshows with Confidence • PowerPoint mobile makes it easy to update and present slideshows
• Use Presenter Coach to make sure your slideshow is error-free. • This presentation maker lets you start from scratch or work on slides you’ve already made. • Use presentation view on any device to make a slideshow and confidently present your point.
• Use the Presenter Coach to practice giving slide shows for your annual reports so you can get better at public speaking.

Make presentations that people will remember.
• A well-made display is always successful.
• Presentation timer lets you give your slideshows and present information quickly. • Presentation maker: Use a slides app with highly customizable tools to give your slideshows with confidence. • Photo Slideshow: Add any photo or take one right from the app. • Slideshow video maker: Add any video or record a new one right from your phone.

Easy to work with Others • PowerPoint makes it simple to work with others.
• Make a slideshow and share it with your team to get feedback and edits • View presentation rights and see who’s working on which slides • Slides can have built-in comments that let you keep track of changes and feedback

1 GB or more of RAM

Learn how to make good presentations and use the tools in the slides app, which can be changed in many ways, to present your slideshows with confidence.

With an approved Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac, you can get the full Microsoft experience.

If you buy a Microsoft 365 subscription through the app, it will be charged to your Play Store account and will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of the current subscription time, unless you turn off auto-renewal first. In the settings for your Play Store account, you can take care of your accounts. During the time that a subscription is ongoing, it cannot be canceled.

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