Mobile Legends Adventure v1.1.345 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA) is a tranquil pass-the-time RPG that fits well into a hectic daily schedule. Join 100+ different heroes on a journey to uncover the meaning of a terrifying prophecy and prevent the destruction of the Land of Dawn!

While you’re at work, heroes fight autonomously to collect resources! With just a few taps, you can deploy your squad to battle the evil clones, evolve heroes, and upgrade equipment. Say no to grinding and instead take 10 minutes a day to gradually bolster your team by playing a casual RPG anywhere, anytime!

Trying to create multiple lineups but lacking the resources to do so? Utilize level sharing and transfer tools to quickly level up your new heroes and save time!

Battle strategy is a plus
In MLA, team compositions and strategy are essential for coping with challenging bosses and other players. There are more than 100 heroes of seven types. Utilize tactic to maximize bonus effects for your lineup and navigate engaging mazes and puzzles.

Explore the main plot, use strategies when you run dungeons, complete bounty quests, and engage in combat to reach the Tower of Babel’s summit… As you advance, more fun free features become available. You’ll stay excited with frequently updated activities and new heroes!

With your strongest hero lineup, compete against adventurers from around the world. Create a Guild with your peers, improve the infrastructure, and compete for the honor of your Guild!

Collect heroes to reveal stories.
You will recognize characters from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) who have been redesigned in the 2D anime art style of MLA, a role-playing game based on the MLBB universe. In this new adventure, pull gachas to collect all of your favorite MLBB heroes and unlock their exclusive stories!


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