Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK v0.4.21 (Unlimited Money/Hooks)

The best fishing game ever!
Catch a [Real Monster fish].
Free fishing gear will be given to you.
This is your chance to visit all the best tourist spots in the world!
You can go fishing with settings that only need one touch.
If you already know how to fish, you will be the best!
For the first time? Don’t be afraid! We’ll get you ready to do well.

Features: You can play the game to its fullest without paying a dime!
Catch whales without having to buy game stuff!
No need to connect to the internet!
There are no extra downloads!
Support for fishing by itself!

1. Full 3D and very realistic fishing
It makes you feel like you’re in the Pacific Ocean!
More than 250 kinds of fish in full 3D!

2. See the ocean all over the world!fisher!
30 of the best places to fish in the world!

3. Your hands will sweat!
Complete experience with interfaces and controls that feel real!

4. Don’t forget to bring your fishing rods, reels, lines, and hooks!
You can get free fishing gear right now.
Have fun getting better stuff.


It’s a sport to fish!
Free fishing games!
Trying to catch the mythical Megalodon!

1. If you delete the app or switch mobile devices, the app data will be cleared.
2. The goods can be bought inside the app. If you agree to buy something, you’ll be charged.

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