Monster Truck Vlad Niki APK v1.6.7 MOD (Unlimited Gold, Gears)

Vlad and Niki want all the kids who like speed and having fun to join them in exciting races. Choose a cool outfit, a helmet, and a huge truck, and try off-road racing! The kids can easily drive these cars. Sit in your car and participate in the race. Play funny games for kids with monster trucks and your favourite figures for free.

Kids can race in a playground with Vlad and Niki

Find the biggest wheels and car bodies in the workshop. Compete with a strong opponent. Unique voiceover from Vlad and Nikita. Try a new free game for kids. Play the best games for boys ages 5 and up.

On our way, we’ll come across hills and valleys and tricky things that we can damage. Race off-road as fast as you can! More big cars. More power! Get going! Destroy! Wreck and win!

Play races with kids and win!

– Use your car to get around obstacles – Destroy obstacles and do tricks
– To win, slide and speed up
Use trampolines and hills to help you win with your monster truck.

When Vlad and Niki are around, car games get more interesting and fun. Choose the figure you like best and have fun with them. Try crazy racing tracks and all the cars in the garage. Play fun games for kids 3 and up and have a good time.

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