Moshquito Mod APK 1.10.0 ( Unlimited Money)

Rain, rain, go away. Rain, rain, come back another day… Mosquitoes want to have fun.

Enjoy this exciting new race runner game in which you control bugs in a big world. Your goal is to make as many bugs as you can so that you can get blood from your host. Test your math skills as you go through different gates. The more bugs you catch, the more likely it is that you will win.

Features of the game:1. Test your math skills! Get going to the gates you want. Swipe right or left. Simple math operations can be used to change the amount of mosquitos.
2. Mosquito changes! Play as bees and syringe needles, among other funny figures.
3. Hurry to the end of the race! A perfectly tasty host… That is, a real person is waiting for you.

Try to meet the task. It’s time to bleed!

Visit if you want to give us feedback, need help getting through a level, or have a great idea for the game.

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