Muscle Rush Mod APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited money)

MUSCLE RUSH is a running game with a lot of muscle!

Hey, are you feeling weak? Instead of trying the latest magic workout or drinking protein shakes, try MUSCLE RUSH, a fun new running game that can make anyone a perfect example of a bulging human in a lot less than seven days.

Run through difficult obstacle courses to get fit, tough, and show off your skills. Break through barriers, hit bad guys away, grab as many energy drinks and batteries as you can, and get ready to pound your screen in exciting arm-wrestling boss fights to beat an ever-growing list of muscle-bound bullies.

Do you have what it takes to become MUSCLE RUSH’s beefiest runner? In your quest to get fit, you can sprint, spin, and crash through wood, glass, brick, metal, and more. Hope you didn’t skip leg day, pipsqueak!

🏃‍♂ Keep on running! 🏃🏿‍♂️

Really exciting stress! Gameplay is fast and violent, and there are a lot of different obstacle courses to blast through. As you get stronger, watch your muscles grow.

★ Every obstacle you overcome makes the benefits bigger, but each one also makes you weaker. To get to the end, you’ll need more than just brute force; you’ll also need some planning. Show that you are smart as well as strong.

You can change the look of your musclehead with a lot of fun skins. As you move through the levels, you can collect a wide range of crazy characters, from standard strong men to gym bros, athletes, wrestlers, superheroes, and more. Customize your muscles to get the most strength out of them!

★ Smash the right things and collect the right keys to earn money, and then improve your punch so you can beat up bullies, gold bars, and even solid metal doors.

★ Face off against bosses in huge arm-wrestling battles that will test your biceps. Have you ever gone head-to-head with a ripped granny or an alien? You can in MUSCLE RUSH!

★ Make sure you’re in great shape when your workout is over, and finish the obstacle course by breaking through a final set of brick walls. The further you get, the better your prizes and the crazier your dance moves will be to celebrate. Break dance and boogie on the rubble!

★ Never before has building muscle been so much fun. This game has beautiful graphics and very satisfying sound effects, so it’s a great way to get in shape without much pain.The game that turns losers into winners!

Move quickly through obstacle courses and cause damage as you go. Hit the setup button and start playing MUSCLE RUSH right away!


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