My Child Lebensborn MOD APK v1.7.102 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

“My Child Lebensborn tells a disturbing story about innocent people after World War II,” said Polygon.
LevelUp: “The most exciting game experience I’ve ever had.”

My Child, Lebensborn is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean!

After World War II, you move to Norway and adopt a young Lebensborn child. Being a parent will be hard because your child will grow up in a hostile and angry place. Inspired by the true stories of the Lebensborn children, see a different side of the war. Find out how hating our enemies still makes us slaves, even after we’ve won.

Find out about their past and help them right now. To take care of your child, you have to combine your time and money. You will find answers to the hard questions you have about their past, the hatred, the bullying, and the passing of blame.

Can you help Klaus and Karin deal with the heavy burden of living in a country that was ruled by the Germans? This will help them find their place in a country that is enjoying its freedom.
You have the power to change things.

What’s important:br> – Your decisions will affect how the child feels, how they act, and how they see the world.
– Look at your child’s face and body to see how your choices affect him or her.
Explore an exciting story that is based on real events.
– Get paid to work, then cook, make things, hunt, and play. – Make good use of your limited time and money.
Adopt a boy or girl and help them through a year that will change their lives.Warning:

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