My Story MOD APK v6.12 (Unlimited Gems/Premium Choices/Tickets)

With My Story: Choose Your Own Path, you can have hours of fun.

In this dynamic story game, you can make your own choices and see how they change the story. Whether you like drama, romance, comedy, or fantasy, you get to decide what will happen next in My Story.

Choose a type of story and go on amazing adventures in the My Story world. Just pick a story and let the fun begin! You can do anything you want. In Model Undercover, you can play as a young fashion icon and make important choices for her career. In Who Wants to Marry Miss Larson?, you can take part in a dating show and find a perfect match. In Love, Mona, you can just enjoy some good old-fashioned high school drama.

There are many fun stories in My Story Library. You can choose any theme and any story, but you’re sure to have fun.

❗Change the story by making important choices. In this fun dynamic game, you can choose your own path and change the way the story goes. What happens in the next parts is all up to you. In Mortal Frenemy, who will you choose to trust? In The Bitten Ones, how will you deal with your magical new life? Do your best to stay out of trouble, or face anyone who gets in your way…
Why wait a week for the next episode of your favorite TV show when you can have fun right here?
Step up your game when it comes to dating and take charge of your love life. Put on something that will make your crush like you and maybe even get you a date.
In My Story, romance is everywhere, from teenage crushes in Dear Mona to adult relationship problems in Bad Judgement. Use some attractive underwear to go all out and spice up your love life. Choose the most romantic way, give your favorite characters unforgettable moments, and enjoy your love story!

💃Looking for a book series with more fun moments? You’ll really enjoy the Mona series.
• Begin with “Dear Mona” – When your first love story ends just seconds after it began, it breaks your heart. A few years later, you start to like Shawn, who is a bad boy with a good heart. But when your old love comes back, you have to make some hard decisions. How will the story of your love end?
• Read the chapters of Love, Mona after you finish Dear Mona. Follow Mona’s story from when she was in high school until she became an adult. Find your way through teenage crushes, college parties, and trips in Europe, among other things. Enjoy the romance, go through the drama, and help Mona decide what to do when things get tough.

💌 Check out Forbidden Fruit and The Billionaire’s Darling if you want to read more interesting love stories.
• Forbidden Fruit: A night out is just what you needed to get your mind off of college, and that cute guy at the bar will make it even better. He’s too bad that he’s your chemistry teacher… What choice will you make? Will you try to get together with him or look for someone else to date? How will you deal with the stress that comes with dating your college professor? It’s a very different kind of love story…
• The Billionaire’s Darling – A story about a girl who falls in love with a rich man. You, a simple college girl, are in the sights of a beautiful billionaire. Sounds like the dream of every girl. But what will you do when he makes you a strange offer? And what will happen if your fake relationship starts to feel real? Will you and Henry be able to get through the trouble and still love each other?

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is always trying to make the most exciting stories, work with the best authors, and give each person an unforgettable reading experience. Every reader can find a good book in our library.

You can start making your own story by downloading My Story: Choose Your Own Path.

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