Mythic Heroes v1.16.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) for android

Join the fight against the shadow as dark forces threaten the future of the planet! Create your own fictional dream team of elite fighters by summoning a powerful group of distinctive Gods and Heroes from various cultures. Then you can unlock their iconic weapons, strengthen them for difficult battles, and add potent new talents to their arsenal. In this mobile adventure game with AFK role-playing elements, you can level up your beloved heroes while battling through legendary trials.

incredible qualities include:

One tap, followed by hands-free
You can choose how involved you want to be in this game. Become a legend by actively taking part in each fight, or let your squad handle the details while you sit back and watch. Once you’ve assembled your squad, just one tap will send your Heroes off on an adventure or into combat!

Strategic Independence
During your rogue-like adventure, use a gacha summoning system to assemble your squad of Gods from various factions and unlock legendary weapons to gain the upper hand! This game can fulfill any wish you may have, unlike many RPG games that have rigid hero rosters.

[Create Memorable Friendships]
Send messages to other users on the global server chat to form new international partnerships and friendships! Create your own Summoner Guild, defeat Titans and Gods as a group, and then dare your allies to a friendly, one-on-one fight in the Arena!

Your favorite myths’ characters
Discover ten distinct continents as their epic tales are seamlessly woven together in a role-playing game saga with a long past! Select and bestow divine power on heroes like the Norse god of thunder, Thor, or other mythological figures like Zeus, Anubis, Izanami, and Mulan!

[Special Dungeons and Exciting Extras]
Summoner, what will your reputation be? Whether it involves facing off against the Demon god Hades or seizing the soul of a perilous Zodiac animal, you can design your own journey. SELECTION IS YOURS!

[Specific Visual Style]
In a journey that transports you to the historical Pantheon and ancient arenas, classical mythology collides with contemporary Anime art style. Change the looks of your Heroes by using unique and limited costumes!

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