Node Video Mod APK 5.8.3 (Without watermark)

Node Video is one of the best apps for editing videos on phones. With many new tools, you can make effects you never thought possible.

• Extremely strong and adaptable.There are no limits on layers or groups.Precise video editing and a lot of options.Super Fast Rendering.
There are different editing tools: Timeline, Keyframe motion, Curve Editor, Masking, Color Correction, and so on.

•Innovative Audio>You can match your sound to anything. The audio spectrum can be used to change every part of every sound and property.• Features powered by AI.Separating Human and Background automatically and in real time!
Soon, there will be more!

•3D Renderers.
Putting your movies and pictures into 3D models.• Effects and presets made by professionals.Pro users are the only ones who can get new effects and settings regularly.• Effects or properties that are currently included
-Blend Mode
-Blurred Motionbr>-Luma Fade
-Lens Flare
-Fractal Noise
-Time Remap
-Basic color correction (Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, etc.)-Emboss
-4 Gradient of Colors-Shift Channels
-Camera Lens Blur
-Gaussian Blur
-Cross Blur -Directional Blur-Radial Blur
br> -Motion Tile-Mosaic
-Find Edges
-Displacement Map
-Lens Distortion
-Polar Coordinates-Clipping Mask
-Human Matting
-Shape Mask
-The RGB Curvebr> -HSL Curve-The Color Wheel-Sketch
-Old Movie
– How to use:

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