Operate Now Hospital v1.44.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for android

The most accurate surgical simulation game is called Operate Now. Create your own hospital from start while operating patients like a surgeon.

Interested in live simulation and surgery simulators? Perform realistic operations on patients! Create your own hospital, run it, and start rescuing people.
Doctor, hurry up! At the hospital, you are urgently required! Your devoted medical staff is counting on you to oversee them, upgrade their facilities, and even carry out crucial operations that may mean the difference between a patient’s life and death!

These are just a few of the thrilling events that Operate Now: Hospital, which has been downloaded more than 20 million times by participants worldwide, will allow you to experience. It is one of the most accurate and well-liked medical simulation games ever created, and players adore the intense operations and thrilling melodramas that go along with them. Are you prepared to face every obstacle in your path as you work to create a famous medical facility?

Construct, modernize, and keep up-to-date a number of hospitals and their buildings.
Fan of operations? Operate on your sufferers!
Watch over your employees, medical facilities, and more on the globe.
Help your patients by carrying out remarkably accurate operations.
Exchange redundant employees using the new CV function.
Keep track of your progress using the new Facebook save function. Use the builder, a practical tool that will put your building projects into overdrive, to move things along faster.

Interested in starting your own clinic? It’s difficult to build and run several institutions. To build and manage crucial sections like emergency rooms, intensive care units, and many others, you’ll need to be like a tycoon. To assist your patients and build a genuinely impressive medical facility, you’ll also need to employ talented staff, such as qualified surgeons.

Even if you’re unable to distinguish between a tracheostomy and a bone fracture, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the realistic surgical engine in Operate Now: Hospital. In this game, in addition to managing clinics, you also perform surgical procedures there. You’ll have the opportunity to mend fractured bones, assist those hurt in disasters, and much more. manipulate medical equipment to treat victims. To make perfect incisions while attentively operating on your patients, you’ll need steady hands. Therefore, it is time to put on your scrubs and go to the ER. Why not perform some operation right away?

Operate Now: Hospital has dramatic plots similar to those in your beloved TV medical drama. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with staff members like Dr. Amy Clarke and gain more insight into their wild lives, both inside and outside of hospitals. In Seasons 1 and 2, you’ll get to see a lot of drama unfold firsthand while learning more about the mystery encircling the hospitals, the patients, and the staff.

In Operate Now: Hospital, there’s never a dull time, just like in a real hospital. So when you’re set, Doc, enter and get ready for a thrilling medical adventure you won’t soon forget!
Have you ever engaged in a classic Operate Now game as a child? Tell us about your favorite moments!


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