Pac Man MOD APK v11.1.4 (Unlimited Lives, Token, Unlocked, Unlimited Money)

Play the old video game PAC-MAN, which you know and love. New games, mazes, power-ups, and more are included. Join millions of fans in this updated version of a famous arcade game where you eat PAC-DOTS and bite GHOSTS.

We’ve changed the look and feel of the whole game. Layout changes to the HUD, main screens, store, collections, and interfaces for all game types, as well as changes to the game’s logic, make it easier to understand and play. We hope you enjoy our newest update!

• Play the classic coin-op game in CLASSIC 8-BIT ARCADE MODE! How far can you get?
• In STORY MODE, you can go through hundreds of unique mazes!
• New hurdles and special power-ups to make the game more fun.
In ADVENTURE MODE, you can do limited-time special events and get exclusive skins.
• In TOURNAMENT MODE, try to get the highest score and move up the leaderboards. With 3 difficulty levels and weekly maze tasks, there’s always something new to try!
• Unlockable skins let you change the look of PAC-MAN, the Ghosts, the Joystick, and more.
PAC-MAN is a classic video game that you can take with you and play anywhere.

Get PAC-MAN Fever by getting PAC-MAN for free today!

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