Pika Charging show Mod APK 1.5.4 (Vip unlocked)

Cool! Don’t just sit there while your phone charges.

A cool video about charging is now live! Let you become the coolest boy in the crowd right away!

Smooth and cool!! Dozens of beautiful charging movements were carefully made to make the picture smooth and delicate and never lose frames. Reject pictures of the “PPT” type and bring different thoughts of charging.Pika! Charging show: An animation of charging is shown immediately. After connecting the charging wire, you don’t have to open the app by hand. Instead, a charging animation shows up on the phone screen right away. Come and give it a try.
Invite friends to get coupons! Get access to new animations!

Pika! Charging show: The image for charging has started.
[Power to charge] Check how well the tools can be charged.
[Settings for personality] Customize your wallpaper and charge for motion.[Status of Charging] Check the last time it was charged, how much charge it had at the start of charging, how much charge it had at the end of charging, and how fast it was charging.
[Quickly open] There are many easy ways to get new charging effects.

In addition to the charging animation, the charging prompt feature, interesting maps, and beautiful wallpaper will be updated in the future.
There will also be more unique animations for charging. There’s always a place for you!
Don’t worry about what you remember! If you think the software has too many graphics, you can also clear the software’s cache. It doesn’t have to be uninstalled or cleaned up in the background; it can be done straight in the software. What’s holding you back? Download Pik! Charging show – use the charging motion!

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