Plants vs Zombies MOD APK v1.39.94 (Unlimited Gems/Coins/Suns)

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes gives you an epic CCG journey with your favorite plant and zombie characters. Collect cards with amazing powers and put them together to make the best fight deck you can. Battle with friends or enemies in real time. You can play as either plants or zombies for the first time ever on a mobile device.


Collect unique Plant and Zombie Hero cards and use their skills to make your lawn look better. Will you choose Plants and play the Green Shadow card from the Avenger set? Or will you choose a Zombie Hero and use the Super Brainz card, which is a very simple one? The powers on each card will decide how strong your deck is and how your team will win in real-time duels.


Every hero needs a group of people to help them. By collecting your favorite PvZ cards, you can build your deck and learn new skills. There are a lot of things to find! Choose cards that work well together and try out powerful combos to come up with different plans for your Hero. Or, you can use Auto Team-Builder to make your deck quickly, try out new plans, and have your teams automatically get better as you get more cards.


Face off against other players in exciting real-time pvp card fights to see how well your deck works. When you do Crazy Dave’s Daily Missions, you can get prizes for beating your most dangerous enemies and add money to your bank account. Who will be the best gardener of all time? Gather your courage—the duel has begun, so put on your war hats and jump in!


In PvZ Heroes, each action-packed fight moves you further along a map that is always getting bigger. Brain-hungry or plant-based enemies? Each side has a different road to take. Bosses are tough and have tricky skills. If you can beat them, you’ll get legendary rewards.

So, why don’t you just do it? Jump into the arena, fight other PvZ Heroes fans, and learn this PvP card battle game today!

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