Polywar Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited money)

Are action PvP FPS games your thing? Want to see how well you can shoot? Are you up to the task?

Well, pal, you’re in the right place! Join POLYWAR, the international first-person online shooter that doesn’t have auto-shooting, go into the war zone, and get your first frag! This stunning 3D shooter game with modern graphics has everything you need for a big battle: different maps, lots of characters, the ability to change your weapons, different game types, a marketplace for players, and a lot of other cool stuff.

POLYWAR is a fun online shooting game that will test your speed, aim, strategy, and knowledge of war. Soldier, grab the gun, run to the battleground, and fire! Now, your main goal in death ops is to fight the enemies and stay alive. Be a part of a team or go it alone. There are many ways to win a fight, and you can choose how to do it.

Why you will definitely like POLYWAR:

Real action experience: Standard and tactical reloading, different magnifications of sights, recoil, smoke from the barrel, and many other nice little things make you feel like you’re in the middle of real action.

Powerful arsenal: All of the guns in the game are free and can be used by any level of player. Learn to be a good archer, shoot with courage, or use a grenade launcher to surprise your enemy.

There are different maps and game modes, such as “Shooting range,” “Team mode,” “Gungame,” and “Duels.” You can pick a style that you like.

Customization of weapons: The more you use the gun, the more parts you’ll be able to add to it. You can change your guns to fit your play style by adding things like scopes, silencers, skins, trinkets, and more.

Dynamic gameplay and easy-to-use controls—You can change the controls to suit your needs.

Marketplace: Add skins and other items to your collection and trade them with other players in the marketplace.

Light weight and high FPS: The game doesn’t take up much room and has a high FPS even on weak mobile devices because it is well optimized.

Updates often and an active group

You can be a brave fighter, a fearless woman, a well-aimed sniper, or someone else who is good at shooting. Choose your best gun from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, and more. To stay alive in this war, make sure you have a bullet for each enemy. During war operations, it’s important to stay on top and strong. In this modern PvP battle, you can improve your hero and weapons and show how strong your counter strike is.

You can play online with people from all over the world, or you can challenge your friends to exciting private fights.

Now it’s your job to go fight! Soldier, hurry up!

Pay attention: the program needs to be connected to the Internet in a stable way.

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