Radiation City MOD APK v1.0.2 (MOD Menu/Unlimited Resources)

City of Radiation

Welcome to Radiation City, where you will have a great survival journey.

Forty years after the terrible accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, you find yourself in the area where the city of Pripyat has been rebuilt with great care. Find out about the amazing story, solve the puzzle, and try to save someone you care about.

This is not a simple job. It’s a big, open world place with lots of dangers and strange things. Predators who are hungry and animals that aren’t as smart as humans all want a piece of you. Radiation and strange things happening in the environment make it a dangerous place to be, even though it looks nice. Yet, here you are.

Look for supplies in any building, but especially in the hotel Polissya, the cultural center, the movie Prometheus, the swimming pool, and all the empty flat buildings. Make and pick your gear with care. Find and use the campsites to spend the night in safety. Your only friends are the tools, weapons, and cars you can find and use.

Best of luck!

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