PRIME APK v5.10.5.2 (Paid Full Version) PRIME lets you listen to radio and podcasts without advertising or video ads.

You love the app, but you don’t want to see video or text ads.
Then you’re where you need to be! Because PRIME is the best choice for people who don’t want to see as many ads.


  • Fewer adverts*: no video or text ads!
  • There is no contract. You pay a one-time fee and can use the app for life.
  • Extra features: includes all the abilities of the app.

If you download the app, you can listen to your favorite radio station or podcast right away, with no ads. In one app, you can listen to the best radio stations and learn about podcasts from all over the world.

*Please keep in mind that doesn’t play radio ads. Instead, the people who market the stations and podcasts can add ads straight to the streams. We have no say over how this kind of advertising is done.

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