Rise of Eros v1.3.100 MOD APK (Full Game)

Our newest title FOR MEN comes from the makers of the women’s visual novel game franchise “Shall we date?” with 32 million downloads.
Shinobi School: Sexy Events!

How Does This Game Work?
Depending on the decisions you make throughout the story, the ending will vary. Your own special tale is waiting for you! These massively multiplayer online role-playing games with love stories are unlike anime, manga, or romantic books but just as much fun. Get near to your favorite girl and take pleasure in school.

Concerning Moe Ninja Girls:
You’re a brilliant ninja who transfers to Mizaki School during the cherry blossom season while hiding your real identity.
You eventually experience the calm daily school life you’ve always desired while being surrounded by adorable schoolgirls. You unexpectedly find yourself joining the school’s “Ninja Seeking Club” to look for ninjas! You start to learn about the real identities of your fellow club members as you fill your days with girls and club activities. Can you reveal the name of your favorite girl? And what is the main mystery of Mizaki School?

Your All-Star Ninja Girls:
We’re in the same class, and our seats are so close together, so it has to be destiny, right?, said Akari Hanao.
a fellow student of yours. Even though she occasionally has too much optimism, she always has an optimistic outlook. She enlivens the gathering with her energy, athleticism, and average intelligence while occasionally getting herself and those around her into trouble. She has the inspiration to start a “Ninja Seeking Club” because she admires ninjas.

Enju Saion-ji: “Oh well, I suppose I can tell you whatever you need to know if you’re having trouble.”
a fellow student of yours. A student government member who is smart and quick. Although she frequently gets dragged into trouble by Akari, she is truly caring by nature despite her tendency to appear strict. does not reveal to others how she lives in her personal space. She allegedly hails from a wealthy family.

No issue, Ricka Machiyuki said. Don’t give attention to who is following you. Simply attend your classes.
a former classmate who moved immediately after you. Always keeps a poker expression and maintains a mysterious demeanor. Her peers are hopeful that she is just joking when she occasionally says things that come off as unsettling. enjoys gaming. loves hotdogs with cooked noodles.

Features include: * FREE to enjoy!* Stunning visuals, enticing music, and motion graphics* Various conclusions based on your decisions* Adorable costumes that are updated frequently in the Japanese cartoon styleIn-game competitions with premium prizes are regularly conducted.
If You: Highly Recommended- Enjoy watching and reading romantic novels, visual novels, anime, and story games.
– Enjoy Japanese video games, manga, books, dating simulations, and anime.- Enjoy females’ fights, harems, waifus, and hentai games.- Want something easier but are intrigued in dating sim games.- Desire to delight in falling in love with a diversity of women- Want to have a secret relationship with someone.- Are huge fans of female idol groups, ninjas, and anime.- Enjoy playing free relationship and romance games.- Enjoy sprucing up your significant other.- Take pleasure in reading tales with opulent settings.
Internet accessibility To enjoy this game, you need an internet connection.Follow Us: NTT Solmare is a Japanese business that makes the top free fantasy, dating, and visual novel-style games for adults.

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