Romance Club MOD APK v1.0.18400 (Menu, Premium Choices Unlocked)

Make yourself a part of a story you’ll love! You get to decide:
Choose your own style and look.
Romance: Sweet or Hot? Brave or Scared? Who is it?
What’s the next step? Every story can end in more than one way.
There are stories about fantasy, drama, the unexplained, horror, adventure, and more.

What story are you going to read first?

❖ DRACULA: A LOVE STORY – Experience a whirlwind romance that spans centuries: palace secrets of the Ottoman Empire, love and loathing at the royal court, and friends and foes whose lives last forever…

HEAVEN’S SECRET: When you died, you went to… the Angels and Demons Academy? What else do you have to look forward to in this dangerous, fantastical afterlife? There are devilish professors, angelic sweethearts, and the desire to break Heaven’s rules.

❖ CHASING YOU – When a normal family gathering turns into a murder scene, everyone has to move quickly to find the killer and stay out of jail.

THE HEART OF TRESPIA – You take the throne of Trespia today. But not everything is as it seems. Start a dangerous, love-and-betrayal-filled journey to find the truth and save your land.

LEGEND OF THE WILLOW: On the day before you become a geisha, you find out a secret that has nothing to do with the real world. This secret changes everything. You are now on the run, and not just from people.

❖ GLADIATOR CHRONICLES – A young gladiator is in danger because the intergalactic kingdom of New Rome has made him a slave. Can you take on the task and make the empire bow down to you?

…AND soon there will be more new stories and episodes!

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