Rope Hero Mafia City Wars Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money, gems)

Here comes a new era of superhero video games. Try the second part of our best action game, which features the blue superhero. Use guns and superpowers to fight evil.

Rope Hero: Mafia City Wars has some new parts:
1. New district capture mode
Fight with The Shifters to get rid of crime and gangsters in the city.2. Bosses of the Districtbr>Each area is run by a gangster boss. You have to beat all of them to win.

3. New character skins
Try a different look for your super rope hero. Which one do you like best?

4. New quests that are part of the story
Find and finish a bunch of new quests to move through the superhero’s story.

5. New tools
Find the new guns from a large selection of guns and cold weapons.Find out the best way to deal with criminals in every situation.6. Renewed open world
See how the graphics have gotten better for streets, cars, guns, superhero skins, and a lot more.7.The superhero’s old friends:br>The super rope that can go anywhere. Jump through the city like a spider and take charge of the dangerous streets.Set the rules with your arms and legs, or use guns, fighting weapons, and super weapons.You can take any car you want, anywhere and at any time.Become a super rope hero today! Have a lot of fun with an amazing action game with RPG features.Play the game Rope Hero: Mafia City Wars right now to stop crime.

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