Rope Hero MOD APK v3.4.0 (Unlimited Diamonds, Skill Points)

You have arrived in the city of heroes. Your cool hero is ready to act in a safe SCI-FI suit. You will play a third-person shooting game in a big city. The place where the game takes place is full of scary and exciting things to do. Jump with your hero into the open 3D world and face bad guys. You have to act in a big city of today. Since the city map is available from the start, you can go anywhere in the city. There are a lot of secrets and minigames hidden in the city. Explore the city, find places that interest you, and find out what is going on there. For example, you can get ammo, guns, a first-aid kit, or special military gear at a military base. The game has cool guns, nice cars, physics that are true to life, and a lot more. Your man will have skills to help him fight bandits. It’s time to turn into a hero. Now is the time to get strong, fast, and tough.

There are many different dangers in the game world. Street gangs that broke the law were everywhere in the city. Everywhere you go, thieves and killers will be waiting for you. The cops will get in the way of your fight because they are corrupt. You can’t take it easy on the rough city streets. Here, it’s easy to be taken or hurt. If you’re not ready to fight, stay away from street gangs in the streets.

Your hero’s main goal is to sneak into an underground kingdom. To do this, you have to do jobs that will help you learn how the criminal world works. Fight against small crimes and car theft. Get game materials so you can use them to buy things you need. When you feel like you know the city inside and out, act like a superhero. Get rid of all the thieves and other bad things that have taken over this city.

If you get tired of all the excitement, you can always listen to good music and drive around the city at your own pace. There are a lot of beautiful sports cars and radio stations in the game. Ride to places that are fun.

Get your daily prizes. Come every day to get prizes and get the big prize for free. You can always get more diamonds in the game because you get them for free several times a day.

When you finish the game, your hero will get a level based on how long you played. The hero’s skills get better in the way you interact with most.

Unlock a valuable prize by getting all the awards.

You can change how your character looks and give your hero the best gear the game has to offer. You can get different skins for your hero in the game store. Each skin comes with its own bonuses. You can make a unique skin for your hero by putting together pieces from other outfits. Learn how outfits work and only pick the best one for your hero.

The 3D images of the game are interesting. Lighting and visual effects have been improved. All of this, along with good tuning, will let you play the game on both slow and fast devices.

Your hero can have as many abilities as he or she wants. Some of your hero’s skills have no limit and can be used at any time. You can buy other skills at the heroes shop.
You’ll be even cooler if you learn to fly. Since you can fly to any place in the city at any time.
A superhero’s main power is his or her super rope, which can be used to fly between buildings and climb like a climber.
Super Jumps: You can move quickly around the city, avoid enemies, and do other fun things with super jumps and flying.

In hard fights with enemies, the character may not be able to use all of his or her skills. The game has a shop where you can buy weapons. You can buy anything you want or need.
There are a lot of cars in the game, and you can ride on any of them. Get tools and keep it in your garage.
You can get a tank by finding one or buying one.

Become a local legend. The city is ready for you to come. Get as much as you can out of the fighter.

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