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Are you looking for a ninja shadow fight battle game that lets you fight like a ninja warrior and a samurai? Ryuko Rpg is a shadow ninja game with five corrupted areas of Kurome, addicting gameplay, epic boss fights, offline battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience. A last shadow fighter who has been gone for twenty years comes back to find her grandfather. She has to face brutal monsters in feudal Japan in order to do this.
A realistic offline role-playing game that is not a mmorpg and doesn’t need any extra downloads or an active internet connection.

Ryuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game
During the feudal era in Japan, there was a place called Kurome. Shadow ninja warriors lived in this land, but the people of Kurome were corrupted by their greed and desire for more power. For the sake of getting more power, they took over more areas and spread their darkness. Taguchi Sensei was a samurai fighter who went to Kurome to stop this corruption, but he never came back. Ryuko is a young, brave shadow hunter who goes to Kurome to find Taguchi Sensei and help him stop corruption.

Areas with problemsbr>Five open world areas will be given to Ryuko. On the battlegrounds in these areas, you will face brutal shadow warriors. Every region has a Hunter’s Castle where you can rest and upgrade your character and weapons. There are also fictional characters and enemies in the areas who are not warriors.
The Black Eye FortressThe player starts the game in Black Eye Fortress, where they learn how to fight. The player beats the first enemies and learns how to stealth kill, use a finisher move, attack without stopping, use elixirs, and use special powers. Players learn how to find and take weapons, fix and improve weapons, and level up.

Creek Garden
This part of Kurome is the second one. In the Creek Garden, Ryuko meets more dangerous shadow warriors. The player looks around a hunter’s home, which is a safe place to stay. On the battleground of Creed Garden, the player also faces the first hunter.

Crush Woods
A secret area is one that is made for playing in stealth mode. The player kills fiery demons that can only be killed by sneak attacks from behind. To get through this area, the player needs to use stealth and stick to a plan.

Deserted Castle
Here, Ryuko explores a large, open area of Kurome where she meets more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons, hunters, and so on.Ministry Town/br>/br>In the fighting arenas of this area, Ryuko faces hunters from the Ministry. To free Taguchi Sensei, all of the ministry hunters had to be killed.

During the game, you will meet detailed characters, find locations, and find out about Kurome’s hidden beauty. You will fight different types of enemies with different swords, elixirs, and skills. This will be a great place to mix and match skills from ninja assassin games and shadow fighting games.

Epic Boss Battles
In this ninja role-playing game, you play as the last shadow warrior, who fights epic bosses in lands with a lot of space and beauty. Each enemy AI is different and needs a different way to be defeated. Ryuko has been trained in the ways of the famous shadow warrior. Her goal is to become a brave shadow fighter, save your grandfather, and stop the corruption.

Choosing a characterbr>There are many boss enemies.There are many kinds of knives.There are many kinds of elixir.Mode stealthbr>Move to death; Fast travel.Battlegrounds that are true to life
For people who like Japanese RPG fighting games that you play offline, br>This action role-playing game is one of the best sword-fighting games you can play offline. This is the game for you if you like challenging games and want a non-MMORPG game with realistic graphics that you can play offline. You can download it for free right now and start fighting right away.

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