Save The Dog v1.8.6 (Menu/Unlimited money ) Apkmody

Drawing games are a good way to train your brain. Download Dog Rescue to save your puppy from the bees and relax your mind right now.

Is it hard to draw a line and keep the bees away from your little dog?
In the fun and addicting puzzle game Dog Rescue, you have to use your drawing skills to save a dog from a swarm of bees.

Your silly dog is going toward the hive to see what’s there. Let’s save the dog before it’s too late! This is the game that will get you hooked! You can use this game to train your brain, and save the puppy is one of the most interesting drawing games that will help you test your mind. Play now!

Your dog is being attacked by a large group of bees, and you can help defend it by touching the screen and making a line of any shape. You can save not only your dog but also other animals by changing memes like pandas, cats, frogs, etc. Share the game with your friends and play it together.

If your dog hasn’t died or been hit by a bee in the 5 seconds after you take your finger off the screen, the level will be over and you’ll move on to the next one.

Why should you play the game called “Dog Rescue”?
– Relax your mind
– A drawing game that helps you think of new ideas
– Boost your ideas and creativity
– Easy ways to test your IQ
– Test your skills in many different ways.
– Memes that are cool

How does the dog get out of the bees’ way?
1. Draw to save: To win the game, you have to draw a line to save your little dog from the bees. You can make any form you want, as long as it keeps the bees away from the dog.
2. Please finish your picture in the next five seconds.
3. Once you save the dog, you can move on to the next level. Please try to draw again to save the dog from the bees if you fail.

How intelligent are you? Save your dog from the bees right now.

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