SimplePlanes MOD APK v1.12.128 (Full Paid Unlocked)

Note: This game needs a 1GHz CPU and at least 512MB of RAM.

Bring to life all the planes you’ve thought of in your head.

You can build the body of your plane by snapping parts together. Adding power means adding engines. Design the wings, then sit in the pilot’s seat and see how it flies.

You have the tools you need to make just about any plane fly. You can change the shape of the wings and build almost anything with the flexible wing tool.

People have made everything from next-generation fighters to warbirds from World War II to passenger planes to dragons, trains, and space stations.

It’s the best flight simulator you can get. Every change you make in the designer has an effect on how the plane moves. Before making the final flying model, the thrust, lift, and drag of the plane are all figured out.

During flight, parts can break off in striking ways if they get too stressed or hit something. But the fun won’t end there. If you have the skills, you can still fly even if one of your wings is broken.

There are no rules about how you can test your plane. So you had a rough landing and broke off the left engine? After seeing the engine fly off into the sunset, you might decide to slam on the gas and try again with just one engine.

Get inside one of your custom planes and see how it does in the tasks. You can spend hours having fun with the tasks. Land on aircraft carriers, avoid surface-to-air weapons, race through courses, and do a lot more.

You can use themes that are already made, or you can paint every part of your bird to make it look the way you want. Tell all of your friends about your best styles.

Cross-platform sharing of planes
You don’t have to buy anything inside the app to use the airplanes that people have shared; you can download them all for free from Even if they were made on a different site, you can still use them.

SimplePlanes works with USB gamepads and joysticks and has in-game input mapping for throttle, brakes, landing gear, stopping, cameras, etc. for each control surface.

EDUCATIONAL Tutorials will teach players the basics of how real airplanes are made and what needs to be thought about when making them.

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