SimpleRockets 2 MOD APK v0.9.918 (Unlimited Coins, Full Patched)

After six years of work, what started out as a simple rocket simulator is now a full-fledged aerospace sandbox where you can make anything you can think of, from rockets, airplanes, and cars to whole worlds. The more we added to SimpleRockets 2, the less it fit its name. After a lot of thought, we’ve chosen to change the name to “Juno: New Origins,” which sounds like a fresh start.

Juno: New Origins is a 3D aerospace sandbox where players can use customizable parts to build and test rockets, planes, cars, or anything else they can think of in a world with true physics on land, sea, air, and space.

As you move through the game, you can run your own space company and make money and tech points. Complete contracts to make money, and you’ll find a mix of hand-made and procedurally generated contracts that will keep you busy for hours. Get tech points and unlock new tech in the tech tree by completing goals and exploring landmarks. There are interactive guides that show how to make and drive rockets, cars, and planes.

Size and shape parts differently
Fuel tanks, wings, cargo bays, fairings, and nose cones can be stretched and shaped with easy-to-use tools that let you make what you want. Solar screens, landing gear, pistons, jet engines, and other things can be resized to fit your needs. You can give your craft any color you want and change its reflectivity, emissivity, and layer styles.

Engines can be changed in many ways, such as by changing the power cycle, combustion pressure, gimbal range, fuel type, and performance and appearance of the nozzles. You can make an engine a powerhouse for takeoff or a super optimized vacuum engine that improves Isp for traveling between planets. The way the engine runs changes how it looks in flight, as shown by how the exhaust expands or shrinks depending on how it interacts with the air pressure. Shock diamonds are pretty, but they mean that the engine isn’t working as well as it should. If you don’t care about any of this, you can just connect a pre-built engine and hit launch!

You can easily drag and drop code blocks to program your crafts to log telemetry, automate them, create your own MFD touch screens, etc. With Vizzy, a computer language made just for Juno: New Origins, you can make your crafts more powerful while learning how to code, do math, understand physics, etc.

Orbits are modeled in a realistic way, and time-warp is supported so you don’t have to wait months to get to another world. The Map View makes it easy to see your paths and plan future burns, which you can use to set up future meetings with other planets or satellites.

DOWNLOAD CRAFTS, SANDBOXES, AND MORE has a huge library of user-uploaded crafts, sandboxes, and worlds that you can download. You can share your own projects and sandboxes with the community by putting them on the site. Grow from a white level builder to a gold level builder and further.

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