Soccer Cup 2022 MOD APK v1.20.1.2 (Free Shopping, Unlimited Energy)

Play these soccer games to help you win the World Cup in 2023!

Show everyone that your team is the best, and you’ll become a star in sports.

You’ll be a soccer star if you train, go out on the field, and win every game.

With Basics, you can improve your skills, learn how to use the tools, and get ready for the real thing.



Career is made up of

Play soccer games, move up in your league, and join better teams in a better league for your next game.
Change the people on your team to make it better.
Statistics: Keep track of how your team is doing and what their statistics are.
Season goals: You need to finish 4 goals for each season.

Events includes

Daily tasks: There are 5 tasks each day.
The best football teams in Europe fight every year to win the Champions Cup.
Europa: Win the European Cup, which is played every four years.
Play soccer with the best teams in South America in the Copa Del Sur and become famous.
Tournament: Win the cup in 2023 by beating 32 national teams, and you’ll go down in history.


This football game is the most fun and the one that makes you want to win the most.

Realistic player movements and in-depth football plans bring the real feel of football games to your phone. Take charge of everything on the field and you’ll win every championship.

You could become a soccer star if you play soccer games.

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