State of Survival v1.18.50 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Free Skill, High Damage)

State of Survival is a strategy survival smartphone game that is popular all over the world. In this game, you will build your own Settlement and find Survivors in the Wasteland. You can also improve technology, travel the world, and do a lot more. Fight off groups of zombies and have a fun time playing a part.
There is PvP, strategy, networking features, Leagues, Survivors, and zombies. In State of Survival, you need to use your brain to stay alive and build your Settlement. Puzzles and survival are fun to play.
This game has aspects of both SLG and RPG. In this game, you are in charge of a group of humans. As the game goes on, you will fight zombies, gather resources, go on adventures, build your Home, and decorate your Settlement. Then, you’ll go up against a bad group that helped spread the zombie virus. Clans can fight each other in competitive multiplayer fights. As your characters grow, you’ll be able to hire Heroes who can keep biohazards under control, Heroes who are beautiful, and Heroes who are lovely. Some of these Heroes have guns, while others have tools and metal parts. Make your own world after the end of the world.
Besides PvP, this online team game also lets you solve puzzles and shoot things. When enemies are coming for you, you must plan your tactics and fight to stay alive in the top war.
Aside from our social features, you can also enjoy the game on your own. In the battle between good and evil, you’ll be the main character and move the game forward. In our deep story, you’ll get to enjoy figuring out a puzzle.
State of Survival’s social features are made for people who like to chat online and want to make new friends. Use the in-game chat channel to talk about tactics online. In State of Survival, many people have met real-life friends. Players would talk about tactics, work together to kill monsters and enemies, and fight each other in PvP. You can also have fun playing with other people through the in-game community.
Tie-in: DC is one of the biggest comic book companies in the world, and we’ve teamed up with them to make the Joker our in-game hero through a tie-in event. We also worked with the popular horror show The Walking Dead, and the fan-favorite character Daryl can now be found in our game. We also worked with NFC, a well-known professional sports group, to make the game even more competitive.
This game is known around the world. Every time there is a holiday or event, we add new features, games, and ways to celebrate. We give away benefits and bundles for free, so players can get rewards from quests, meet up in online or real-world events, and get better quickly.

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