State of Survival v1.18.60 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Free Skill, High Damage)

State of Survival is a popular smartphone strategy game that simulates a post-apocalyptic world. You will construct your own Settlement and enlist Survivors on the Wasteland in this game. You can improve your technology, travel the globe, and do many other things. Battle zombie armies while having fun in a role-playing game.
PvP, strategy, networking tools, Leagues, Survivors, and zombies are all included. In the game State of Survival, using your intellect is essential if you want to live and establish your settlement. Enjoy the Survival and Puzzles.
Both SLG and RPG components can be found in this game. You take the role of a human leader in this game. You will battle zombies, gather materials, embark on quests, construct your home, and embellish your settlement as the plot develops. After that, you’ll battle an evil group that propagate the zombie virus. compete against one another in multiplayer fights between Clans. You will be able to hire biohazard containment Heroes, attractive Heroes, and handsome Heroes as your heroes develop. Some of these Heroes are armed, while others have machinery and metal parts at their disposal. Create a post-apocalyptic universe on your own.
This internet multiplayer game features puzzle-solving and shooting gameplay in addition to PvP. You must prepare your strategy and fight to live in the top war when your enemies are on the attack!
In addition to our social elements, you can enjoy the fun of single-player. You will take on the role of the primary character and advance through the plot in the battle between good and evil! You will get to enjoy a puzzle-solving experience while reading our rich tale.
The social features in State of Survival are designed with your love of online conversations and desire to make pals in mind. Discuss tactics in-game via the in-game chat thread. Many participants of State of Survival have met each other in real life. Players would debate tactics, team up to defeat monsters and foes, and engage in PvP combat. You can also enjoy the fun of multiplayer gameplay thanks to the in-game community!
Tie-in: The Joker was made available as our in-game hero through our tie-in event thanks to our collaboration with DC, one of the largest comic book publishers in the world! We also worked with the famous thriller series The Walking Dead, and Daryl, a fan favorite, is now included in our game. Additionally, we collaborated with NFC, a well-known professional sports league, to intensify the competition in the game.
This game has a global following. We introduce new gameplay, features, and celebrations in honor of every holiday or festival. With our free benefits and bundles, players can rapidly level up, participate in online and offline events, and earn rewards for completing tasks.


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