Steel And Flesh 2 v1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu, God Mode)

You have the chance to travel back in time to 1212, when the Crusades were in full motion in the Middle East and the Mongol Empire was growing in Asia. You have access to a sizable world map that shows the locations of 20 sizable nations. You have the option to pledge fealty to any state and quickly ascend to its throne, or to found your own and seize ever-larger territories. Additionally, you constantly have the option to engage in combat with bandits and make money by selling prizes. You can live comfortably by purchasing property and starting a company. You can always directly participate in a fight with your army in addition to moving around the world map, whether it be a battle in an open field or a siege of a city, castle, port, or village.
Do you enjoy ancient culture? Play action and strategy? large-scale combat and besiegements? Do you play with pals frequently? Would you like to expand your empire? Then you should play this game!

THE MOST EXTREME AND REALISTIC 3D FIRST-PERSON BATTLES – You can actively participate in a fight involving up to 300 participants on the battlefield. A fight in the open, a siege of a city or castle, a port storm, or the taking of a village are all examples of sieges. You are able to command your army and create battle tactics. Battles feature a variety of soldier classes, including swordsmen, spearmen, archers, crossbowmen, and even knights.

THE SIEGE OF FORTRESSESTHE BIGGEST FORTRESS SIEGES – You can directly participate in the fortress siege. With the aid of rams, siege towers, and catapults, the attack is conducted in a very realistic manner. While you press the siege guns against the walls, the defenders will fire arrows at you.
International MapTHE LARGEST GLOBAL MAP – A huge map of the globe shows the locations of 20 genuinely large Middle Ages states. You can enlist in any of them and start directing military operations shortly. You can always establish your own state, but you should exercise caution when making political choices because they could all result in world conflict.
Armor and weapons are included.A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF WEAPONS AND ARMOR You have the option to use any kind of gear, and you have access to a sizable selection of helmets, suits, boots, and shields. Keep in mind that you can locate any type of weapon you want, including swords, spears, maces, axes, clubs, bows, crossbows, javelins, darts, and even throwing axes. Prepare the weapon for combat and enter it!

THE MOST EPIC ONLINE BATTLES: In this game, you and a buddy can wave swords together. International competitors will attempt to defeat you. You can equip your character with any armor and any weapons you desire in the online game.

CONSTRUCT YOUR EMPIRE – You will begin at the very bottom and have nothing, but one day you will conquer your first profitable metropolis. When you have a large number of cities and castles, your neighbors will view you as a threat and start a conflict with you. You will defeat your adversary in prolonged fights and sieges. The Lords will address you as their King, the cities will weep before you, and the bannerlords will bear your banner!

THE MOST SUSTAINABLY DEVELOPED AND REALISTIC SKILL SYSTEM – Your figure will grow entirely under your control. Your character will be revealed by your mastery of five fundamental skills; will you be powerful or agile, intelligent and diligent, or charismatic? You must monitor the progress of your hero’s additional 30 abilities. If you are unable to raise a skill to the necessary degree, you can always go to the tavern and hire companions who will help out.

REALISTIC environments – You will engage in combat on a variety of environments that are located all over the world. If you fight in a mountainous region, then there will be mountains on the battlefield. In the North, it’s a snowy winter; in the South, it’s a hot desert. You’ll feel as though you’re in a real-world battle zone with realistic atmospheric conditions.

There are a lot of other features in the game that are waiting for you.

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