Stickman Legacy Giant War Mod APK 2.0.2 (Unlimited money and gems)

Welcome to stickman of battle 2d graphics world games, where one of the most famous games, stick the fight and stickman war, will take place. Are you ready for the stick battle in the heroo war of legends?

💪 First, you’ll become stick warriors, take on tasks from the giant stickman clan, fight the supreme stickman boss, and get rewards for being an archer master. Build stickwar legacy units, mine royale stick golds, learn the way of the stick hero, supreme duelist, shadow warriors, and even stickman war sword fight and shadoww fight.

Then, use your stickman fighting skills to try to get the crown of Inamorta, the King of Archer Legend, in the game Stick Clash: Stickman vs. Craftsman. At stickman combat, you have to kill the shadow warriors’ enemies, take over all the stickman of war areas, and win stick fighting games offline.

In Survivor mode, it’s easy to direct a big clan of stickmen with a sword and join them in a fight. In fighting stick games, try to be the last stick hero who can survive.
Boss mode: In Legacy Evolution, the supremee duelist and supreme stickman have to fight the stickman boss and try to get the crown of inamorta. The King of Hero Stickwar Legacy will be the person who wins the Shadoww fight.
In campaign mode, every stick fight brings out new archer legend tasks. The stickman vs. craftsman legend stick mission needs to be finished by all royale stick warriors and archer masters.

Legacy evolution figures come in many forms: Warriors from stick clans, a heroo war sword, an arrow master, a giant stickman…Huge archer legend weapons that can boost the stick class power of your stick hero’s stickman fight.
Stick games have great 2D graphics, lifelike physics, and great sound effects.
With the best skills of supremee duelist fighting games offline, you can take on many stick war tasks in gameplay mode.
Have a great time playing Stick Clash World!

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