Stickman Rope Hero 2 v3.2.0 (Unlimited money) Apkmody

The superhero Stickman is back! If you like to play superhero games on your phone, try out our updated action game with the stick hero. He can jump like a spider and has a rope that doesn’t end. Our brand-new open world has become even more interesting and fun than before. We’ve made the images better and changed everything about the huge 3D open world.

Let’s play the Stickman superhero game now.
Now is the time to become a real super stick rope hero! Try out a great 3D third-person shooter with RPG features, and get a new gaming experience: the updated version has more ways to avoid getting hit, Easter eggs, missions, and fun. There are a lot of free things to use in the game. Take the daily gifts every day until you reach the last gift. Gather the stones that are all over the city.

Again, you find yourself among copies of evil stickmen. Use all the powerful weapons you have to kill your enemies. Get hot cars and hit other stickmen with them. Find copies that are friendly and will give you jobs and prizes.

Evil copies have come back to your city. These painted little men scare everyone. Your hero must fight this evil that has taken over the city and free the people who live there. Stop groups of enemies and keep the city’s defenses up. Get rewards for jobs you finish and make your stickman better. Do a lot of different tasks that are fun. Get cool weapons to be the best in a fight.

Your hero can do amazing things. With a super rope and the ability to make giant jumps, move around buildings, and land, he can do a lot of things. The hero always knows what’s going on in the city because he jumps from rope to rope.

You’ll need a lot of things to do your stickman superhero job, like guns, pistols, grenades, melee weapons, and super weapons. We have made a lot of changes to the game shop.

Choose the right gun for you, use a lot of different types of ammo, and change your character’s look with a lot of different sets. Let’s make your rope hero special!

Here are some cool superhero vehicles: a monster truck, a bike, a pink tank, a helicopter, an airplane, and a mech.
These things help you move around the map very quickly and get away from the cops.

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