Stickman Teleport Master 3D Mod APK 0.0.11 (Unlimited money and gems)

If you jump on the wall, throw your kunai, and move close to your enemy, you can beat them with just one punch. Show that you’re a real ninja by getting rid of bad guys before they realize anything is wrong. To become a real ninja killer, take the hard path of a shinobi.

Stickman Teleport Master is one of the most exciting action ninja games. It has sneaky puzzles and teleport gameplay.


You can kill your enemies with many different kinds of dangerous tools. In this fun ninja game, you could use a blade, sword, superhero hammer, or a lightsaber from the future. Change your weapons to match the job at hand!


Take on ninja assassination jobs that get harder and harder to kill risky gangsters, bandits, samurai, and other criminals. To get to the boss and kill him, you need skill, speed, and a lot of stealth.

The ninja game is fun because:

Action gameplay that is hard to put down; your favorite characters – Ninja Slice has tasks that are hard to solve. The game has many levels that are hard to play.

Are you prepared to kill the next person? You can start playing Stickman Teleport Master as soon as you download it. Your ninja skills will make famous shinobi like Samurai Flash, Stealth Master, Mr. Ninja, and others jealous. Let your kunai and sword play!

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