Super Stylist Mod APK 2.9.00 (Unlimited money, diamonds)

There is a new fashion guru in town. In this fashion makeover story game, you have to make sure your clothes and makeup look good. Be seen! Take pictures at fancy events for the Stylegram. In this makeover story game, you can show off your fashion sense and makeup skills.
You just learned that you could make money with your shopping and makeup skills by being a “super stylist girl.” Now, everyone who is anyone will want a fix from you. You’re the girl who knows how to dress them just right. Make sure your customers have the right game stylist looks. Join them at their VIP game events and take pictures of them so that everyone can see how great you are.

In this cool fashion story game, you can start a business as a fashion stylist and build up a large client base. Give your clients fabulous makeovers with styles they can wear with pride to specific events, from casual date nights to red carpet openings. Use your stylist money to pay for the clothes, and then sell them to your clients for a profit. Listen carefully to what your clients want so you can choose wisely from the different game styles for their clothes. The better you do, the more fashion items you’ll be able to use to make yourself look great. Add the right accents and killer shoes to finish off your look. If you want your clients to tell their friends about you, they have to look good from head to toe. Give the girls a change they’ll never forget, and don’t forget their hair!
> Give your game customers makeup looks that will make all the other girls jealous. Once their makeup is on point, go with them to events where celebrities are and take pictures of their outfits for their Stylagram. Make sure they put your name in the photo tags. This styling and make-up game is a dream come true for fashion makeover stories.

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