Survival Simulator MOD APK v0.2.2 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

You will find that most of the other players and the strange creatures in Survival Simulator are out to kill you and take what you have.
Discover the world around you, set up a base station, hunt for materials to use in crafting, arm yourself, and level up your defensive capabilities.
Would you be able to live in an environment where everyone wishes for your death? It’s high time that you take a look at it!br>
Feature essentials:br>• Multiplayer. You can either create your own website or join one of the existing ones. Create everything on your own or assemble a group of people who share your values. The choice is entirely up to you. Given that the objective is to stay alive. Regardless of the path.
• Graphics that are true to life. Experience the battle of pure survival. Prepare to deal with a wide variety of obstacles. In addition, the other individuals that you will compete against will make it a very challenging experience.
• An assortment of tools and weaponry of varying>• Collecting materials (such as wood, stone, and ore)br>• Hunting creatures
• Constructing and constructing various systems.

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