Tank Stars MOD APK v1.7.6.1 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked)

Are you ready for a 2D tank war that is full of action? Welcome to Tank Stars, one of the best fight tank games that you can play with friends both online and offline. Find the right shooting point and let your iron force loose on the war machines of your enemies! If you don’t make the right shot quickly, you’ll lose.


Commander, your job is simple! In this turn-based online game, you have to destroy the tanks of your opponents before they destroy yours. Remember, the most important thing is to make the right shot quickly.


You will have dozens of guns and rockets that can kill people. Use nukes, ice bombs, tasers, railguns, plasma cannons, and many other weapons! Choose the right tool to kill your enemies as fast as possible. Also, you can make money in this.io game and use it to buy upgrades for your guns, which will help you destroy the pocket tanks of your enemies more quickly.

Collect weapons of war

Want the most awesome tank ever? Win the crazy tank fights, get a lot of gold, and collect all the cool tanks from the past and the future! At your tank io military camp, you’ll find the T-34, the Abrams, the Tiger, the Toxic Tank, the Atomic Launcher, and many more dangerous machines. Play Tank Stars right now if you like tanks a lot.

Winning online tank fights

Tank fights with thousands of players from all over the world let you be in charge of your war machine. Don’t get shell-shocked and show the world who the real tank star is in the online PvP field.


This game of weapons is easy to learn and fun to get good at. Depending on how full your tank is, you can move a short distance on each turn. Find a good spot on the battlefield, pick the right angle, and fire rockets right where you want them to go.


Want to play fun games with your friends online and off? This real star on the list of the best gun games is one you’ll love for sure. Choose war machines and play the PvP io game offline with other people. Jump into the world of tanks and have a lot of fun fighting 1v1 right on your device. Games for two people to play alone have never been so cool.


Prepare for tough PvP tank fights to win more coins and unique upgrades. In Tournament mode, you’ll face real tasks and waves of skilled opponents who are ready to use all of their war power to kill you.


The battles between the pocket tanks will take place in many different and unique locations, such as the mountain warzone, battle bay, deadly grassland, hills of steel, and many others. Learn the plan of the io game and get the upper hand on the ground to quickly destroy enemy tanks.

If you like wargames like Worms, Hills of Steel, WoT, or Shellshock Live, then our action military game is for you. Be careful! You can’t stop playing this tank io game once you start.

Are you ready for a good time? Enter the 2D world of tanks, take control of heavy armored mad tanks, and rule the battle arena. Join the many people who play Tank Stars and enjoy one of the best tank blitz games. Play right now for free and become a true tank hero!

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