Tap Titans 2 MOD APK v5.26.1 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins, VIP)

Grab your sword, put together a team of heroes, and join Sword Master on an epic journey to defeat the powerful Titan Lords in over 150,000 levels.

In this clicker RPG quest, you use your sword to kill hundreds of Titans by tapping on them. You can become the Ultimate Sword Master by getting new gear for your blade, collecting pets, and taking part in clan raids with people from all over the world.

In this quest to bring peace back to the land, you need to help your heroes and the Sword Master improve their skills so they can attack famous Titans and fight monsters all the time.

★ PLAY the full idle RPG game experience offline and on the go.
★ TAP to defeat +150 all-new Titans in 14 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms
★ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you withstand the endless Titan onslaught
★ UNLOCK unique skills to power up strategically to fight monsters
★ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful old artifacts and become stronger
★ COLLECT equipment to customize your hero’s blade & armour to suit your play style
★ CREATE or join clans to defeat the almighty Titan Lords in multiplayer mode.
★ ADVENTURE down scenic paths during seasonal events to collect rewards and exclusive gear
★ COMPETE against other players from around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

RAIDS give you and your clan a whole new way to fight together in multiplayer, with new titan bosses that have special skills, powerful rewards, and a new way to fight.
HERO SCROLLS, which you get for finishing raids, let you improve your Sword Master more than you could before.
Titan Lords have brought a brand-new way to fight into the raid area. Break off pieces of these super monsters’ armor to show the weaker bones underneath.
In this idle clicker game, collecting cards is the newest way to make your Swordmaster stronger. Cards give your Swordmaster powerful passive and active powers that can be used to kill Titan enemies.
DUST is your new collectible money that you can use to improve and make collectible cards that you can use in battle.
★ Clan upgrades like Clan XP and Raid Tickets give you more reasons to play with other Sword Masters and fight online.

When Sword Master woke up from his endless sleep, he swung a powerful sword and saw that monster Titans were causing trouble all over the realm. As he broke free of his chains, he vowed to fight the Dark Lord and kill any Titans who got in his way. Sword Master is on a new tapping adventure. He has skills like a ninja and an army of heroes to help him.

As you run across the land in this idle action game, you can put together a team of heroes with different skills, like Lance, the Knight of Cobalt Steel, to help Sword Master fight any monsters. As you move through 14 hand-drawn worlds, you can tap and tap with your heroes to give them more power. In this action RPG, you can upgrade or make your own gear and unlock special skills for your hero as you go. You can trade in your blade for more powerful weapons to do as much damage as possible to Titan Lords in raids or tournaments. Tap, tap, tap your way to win as you take over events and unlock amazing prizes. In this free clicker game, you can join or build a clan with other Sword Masters from around the world.

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