The Battle Cats v12.1.1 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, Cat Foot)

Weirdly Cute Cats are on the loose all over the world! In a battle through space and time, you can control your Cats with easy controls. You don’t have to sign up to make your own Cat Army. FIGHT ALL THE CATS!!!

=Very Easy Way to Fight=
Just tap the Cat you want to help you fight!
Use the Cat Cannon to shoot down enemies who get too close to your base. Use the right Cat group to beat strange enemies and destroy the enemy base.

=Super Simple Leveling System= Complete levels to earn XP and things that can be used to level up the Cats. At level 10, what will they change into? Can you find out who they really are?

=Super Simple Fun!=
As you take over the world, collect beautiful treasures.
Find and recruit dozens of rare and unusual cats to make the best army of cats!
There are hundreds of levels in the three Story Mode stories and the Legend tasks.

Great for a Casual Game! “Battle Cats” is fun for people of all ages (and their cats, too!).

What kind of Cats do YOU have to fight today? Bring on the strangely cute force of Battle Cats!

* For “The Battle Cats” to work well, you need to be connected to the internet.
* To avoid problems when downloading or updating “The Battle Cats,” you need a stable network link.
Before installation, there will be a notice that a big file is being downloaded.
If you are not in a place with good Wi-Fi, please uncheck “Update over Wi-Fi only (Android)” or turn on “Use Cellular Data” before you start downloading.
When downloading or updating, if the link isn’t stable, it could cause installation problems.
* The game “The Battle Cats” will be updated often with new and better features. Some older devices, though, might not be able to handle these changes.
Before you change, please keep this in mind. Please feel free to contact our tech help at if you have any problems.

Please read the “Terms of Use” carefully before you start to play.
You agree to these Terms if you download and play “The Battle Cats.”

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