The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.3.13 (Unlocked all)

In the official follow-up to the famous board game The Game of Life, you can live 1000 lives! Will you blog about videos or work on robots? Play now!

Winner of the “Best Digital Board Game” award at the Pocket Gamer Awards 2021. Played by more than 50 million people around the world.

Customize your peg, get in your eco-car, and race your friends and family through The Game of Life 2! It’s a modern follow-up to The Game of Life, a book that everyone in the family liked. What will you do when you have 1000 ways to live and new ways to win? Collect points for money, happiness, and education to become a Pop Star with 5 dogs and a private pool or a Brain Surgeon with multiple degrees and 3 kids.


The digital board game The Game of Life 2 is the award-winning follow-up to the Hasbro board game The Game of Life.
• A GAME FOR 4 PLAYERS: Live your dreams with 3 of your best friends.
• AN AD-FREE GAME – Enjoy the complete game with no interruptions
• 6 TRANSLATIONS – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
• SINGLE PLAYER – Take on our challenging AI
• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Connect with fans, or invite friends and family to a private game
• PASS & PLAY – No internet? No problem! Pass a single device from player to player to play without WiFi.

What to do

Make your character unique.
You can add your own style to your pink, blue, or the newly added purple peg.

The game starts with a very important choice. Will you go to college or will you start working right away? What will your friends and family choose in this popular game?

It’s your PATH IN LIFE
Get married, don’t get married, have kids, get a pet, or do both! Work as a pet groomer, get certified, and then become a wind turbine technician! You decide what to do!

Get points for each decision you make! Every choice you make makes you richer, happier, or smarter, so each one is a good one.

RETIRE your way
Keep living the life you want to live! You can take it easy in a luxury home or get out and do things on your bucket list. You can choose to go on, unlike in the original board game.

Get REWARDS to ACCESS new things.
By playing the game and getting rewards, you can get new pegs, outfits, and cars.

The Best of Everything for Life
Explore 10 amazing fantasy places in this book. Live in magical worlds, make friends with dinosaurs in the Age of Giants, and take off into the future Lunar Age. There are new Outfits, Vehicles, Jobs, Properties, and more in every new world.

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