The Idle Forces Army Tycoon Mod APK 0.15.2 (Unlimited money)

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon is a game that gets harder over time. But it’s not a typical “idle” city-building game. Because this is an army simulator, you won’t find a grocery store, a diner, a roller coaster, or a fun park.
Do you want to be a lazy army general in charge of the powerful state’s tycoon military units and peacekeeping campaigns? Do you want a recruit to become an expert in the military? Bring Freedom, Law, and Order to every part of the world, even the most faraway ones!

On the orders of a top army general, you will set up a military camp and take charge of a military base in a hot spot. Your main job is to teach green trainees how to be operatives. Every new soldier and sergeant must know how to use a gun to protect the army’s home base. Professional soldiers attack the military camp every so often! It would be better if it were about the gang or zombies… It’s easier to deal with zombies.

A military base that isn’t being used is a complicated building that needs to be built, improved, and changed. Every building has a different use.
The kitchen is where chefs cook. Even though this isn’t a restaurant, you can get a cookie and soda for dessert!If you get sick in the ward, the doctors will put you in a hospital bed, so you won’t feel like you’re in jail.
It’s not a hotel chain where you can stay overnight. Instead, it’s a camp with everything you need, like a vending machine with lemonade and cookies.
To be strong, you need to play sports. Sergeants, choose a training plan for your trainees who aren’t doing anything. The military camp doesn’t have a gym. Instead, it has its own gun range and shooting range. This is not a golf game or a roller coaster; it’s a simulation of the army, you newbie!

Become the best special forces soldier and take the transport forces cars on tasks. Start your own business in the military!Earn money, put it back in the bank, and tap tap tap to invest in the growth of the military tycoon base!

– Split the money among your bases.- Teach and improve each soldier.- Keep an eye on how your new hires are doing.- Make rules for trainees to follow in the clicker game.- Transfer troops between hot spots
– Make an exercise plan for your men
– Send out agents on dangerous tasks.- Get gifts from the main>- Open and modify new bases to build an army business empire.- Clicker game about adventure and capitalismbr>br>~~~~~~

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