The Past Within Lite MOD APK v1.0.3 (Full Game)

Welcome to the demo version of Rusty Lake’s The Past Within, a 15–30 minute co-op journey. Both players must have a copy of The Past Within in order to play this demo form of the game. This version can be played on different platforms, and compared to the full premium version, it has different material.

Choose either “The Future” or “The Past,” and you and a friend can make some memories. Join the beta program for the Cubical Device in The Future to see if you can connect to The Past. On the other side, the Past will be giving important information that will help bring both worlds together.

Important parts
Work on puzzles with a friend.
This game can only be played with a friend and can be played on different platforms. It takes 15–30 minutes to play, and you can switch sides.
Victor Butzelaar wrote the music, which has a lot of atmosphere.

The Past Within’s full paid version comes out on November 2, 2022, and it will be translated into 18+ languages.

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